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Conference Dinner

Dinner with Ciência Viva and METROPOLITANA
Sunday, 4th of July | 20h00
Standard Eléctrica building, headquarters of the OML – Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa


Having dinner with Ciência Viva and the OML includes brief musical moments, and a special participation of Carlota Simões (Coimbra's University) on the existing links between music and science.

Musical programme (PDF)


Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa
The METROPOLITANA is an innovating project at an international level for the connections it establishes between musical education, orchestra practice and community service to several levels of intervention. Here, we have around 100 teachers and 650 students sharing the same space. Moreover, the Orchestra maintains a permanent activity, counting on it's 40 interpretants to constitute the core of the teacher's staff in the school. Several other parallel projects take place in this space: technical training (eg: Music in hospitals), workshops, master classes and exhibitions. METROPOLITANA is overall an everyday place of constant musical and cultural activity, from 7h30 to 24h00.

Carlota Simões
Teacher in the Maths departement of Coimbra's University and Assistant Director of the magazine "Gazeta de matemática", edited by the Portuguese Maths Society. Graduated in mathematics at the University of Coimbra, and got her PHD at the University of Twente, in the Netherlands, on the area of the Controle Theory. Has as well sucessfully completed the Piano's General Course at the Musical Conservatory School, in Coimbra.